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Influence of Ph on Adsorption Kinetics of Monochlorophenols From Aqueous Solutions on Granular Activated Carbon / Wpływ Ph Na Kinetykę Adsorpcji Monochlorofenoli Z Roztworów Wodnych Na Granulowanym Węglu Aktywnym

Kuśmierek, Krzysztof, Świątkowski, Andrzej
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering 2015 v.22 no.1 pp. 95-105
acidification, activated carbon, adsorption, alkalinization, aqueous solutions, chlorophenols, ecosystem engineering, pH, sodium
Adsorptive removal of 2-, 3- and 4-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions by granular activated carbon was studied. The influence of different experimental parameters like initial concentration, carbon dosage and pH on the adsorption of monochlorophenols were evaluated. The influence of type of acid and base used for water acidification or alkalization was also tested. The results indicate that acidic pH is favorable for the adsorption of chlorophenols; however the type of acid or alkali used for the change of pH has a little influence and did not significantly affect the adsorption efficiency. The pH played an important role in the adsorption kinetics of chlorophenols at pH values above the pKa values of the compounds, while little influence on adsorption rate was observed if pH was decreased below the pKa values