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Experimental osteoporosis in sheep – mechanical and histological approach

Z. Kiełbowicz, A. Piątek, P. Kuropka, E. Mytnik, A. Nikodem, J. Bieżyński, P. Skrzypczak, C. Pezowicz, J. Kuryszko, P. Reichert
Polish journal of veterinary sciences 2016 v.19 no.1 pp. 109-118
animal models, bone density, bone strength, cartilage, females, histology, methylprednisolone, mineral content, osteoporosis, sheep, therapeutics
The implementation of new methods of osteoporotic therapy requires tests on animal model. The use of sheep as model has numerous advantages over other animals. The aim of this study was to describe the change in parameters in sheep with osteoporosis induced using steroids and ovariorectomy methods as opposed to the parameters in healthy sheep. The study was performed on female „merinos” breed sheep divided into the three groups: negative control (NC) - healthy animals, positive control (PC) - ovariorectomized animals and steroid control group (SC) - in which methylprednisolone was administered. This paper presents histological and ultrastructural examination with mechanical comparative tests for force/strength values as well as indentation tests of joint cartilage. The obtained results confirm the loss of bone mass associated with mineral composition content in bones, which has an influence on bone strength.