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The Prevalence and Risk of Food Insecurity in the Nordic Region: Preliminary Results

Borch, Anita, Kjærnes, Unni
Journal of consumer policy 2016 v.39 no.2 pp. 261-274
food security, industrialization, ingestion, risk, single parents, surveys, women, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Scandinavia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
Surveys from societies like the USA, Canada, the UK, and France suggest that 5–15% of the population have experienced “food insecurity” in the sense of not having enough food to eat due to a lack of money or other resources. The Nordic countries are among the most affluent societies in the world and it is generally assumed that food insecurity has been eradicated due to relatively low differences in wages and well-developed social security schemes. This representative web survey of food and eating in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden indicates however that food insecurity does exist in the Nordic region. In line with research from other industrialized counters, it also suggests that women, young people, single parents, and low-income group seem more at risk of experiencing food insecurity than others. These results must be regarded as preliminary, needing to be substantiated by more comprehensive studies. Moreover, there is a need to develop or use more standardized methodologies enabling comparison across countries and mapping trends over time.