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A new name and seventeen new combinations in the Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) of China and Vietnam

Callaghan, Chris, Png, Siak-Khoon (SK)
Botanical studies 2013 v.54 no.1 pp. 53
Magnolia, Manglietia, Michelia, fossils, homonym, new combination, nomen novum, China, Vietnam
BACKGROUND: A new name is proposed and seventeen new combinations are made as a result of the previous reduction of the remaining genera of subfamily Magnolioideae (Magnoliaceae) into the genus Magnolia. RESULTS: The replacement name Magnolia fansipanensis is proposed for Manglietia crassifolia Q. N. Vu et al., since its transfer to Magnolia would create an illegitimate later homonym of the fossil name M. crassifolia Göpp. A further 17 new combinations are made to transfer the following taxa to Magnolia: Manglietia guangzhouensis A. Q. Dong et al., M. kaifui Q. W. Zeng & X. M. Hu, M. lawii N. H. Xia & W. F. Liao, plus Michelia concinna H. Jiang & E. D. Liu, M. jianfenglingensis G. A. Fu & K. Pan, M. viridipetala Y. W. Law et al., M. wuzhishangensis G. A. Fu & K. Pan, M. xianianhei Q. N. Vu and Yulania carnosa D. L. Fu & D. L. Zhang, Y. cuneatofolia T. B. Chao (probably Zhao) et al., Y. dabieshanensis T. B. Zhao et al., Y. dimorpha T. B. Zhao & Z. X. Chen, Y. fragarigynandria T. B. Zhao et al., Y. shirenshanensis D. L. Fu & T. B. Zhao, Y. shizhenii D. L. Fu & F. W. Li, Y. verrucata D. L. Fu et al. and Y. xinyangensis T. B. Zhao et al. CONCLUSIONS: The transfer of the above taxa to Magnolia is necessary following the present almost universal recognition of Magnolioideae as one of two monogeneric subfamilies within Magnoliaceae.