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Ways of Human Resource Branding in Czech Agricultural Companies

Hlavsa, Tomáš, Urbancová, H., Richter, P.
Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica 2015 v.46 no.3 pp. 112-120
business enterprises, economic sectors, forestry, human resources, labor market, questionnaires, surveys, Czech Republic
Current demographic and economic conditions in individual countries lead to a significant increase in competition in the labour market. Every employer from all economic sectors wants to have competent and talented human resources and the fight for such employees becomes still harder. To attract and retain the best employees, it is necessary for the companies to build up a good employer brand that may appeal to talented employees. The article provides a picture of the current situation in employer branding in the agricultural, forestry, and fishing sectors in the Czech Republic and deals with the ways of its improvement. The investigation was conducted by means of a questionnaire survey covering 108 participating companies, and the methods of analysis, synthesis, deduction, and induction. The results have shown that the majority of agricultural companies (75.9%) perceive knowledge continuity management as a trend that contributes to good employer branding. The major benefits arising from the encouragement of employer branding in agricultural companies include acquisition of new talented human resources (57.4%) and retention of key employees (56.4%).