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Suitability of Entec 26 as a Source of Nitrogen for Red Beet and Celeriac

Kołota, Eugeniusz, Adamczewska-Sowińska, Katarzyna, Krężel, Jan
Vegetable crops research bulletin 2007 v.67 no.-1 pp. 47-54
ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, beets, calcium ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, celeriac, field experimentation, nitrification inhibitors, nitrogen, nitrogen fertilizers, roots
Entec 26 a new concept nitrogen fertilizer containing DMPP nitrification inhibitor was evaluated as a source of N for red beet and celeriac in field studies conducted in 2003-2006. In experiments with red beet there were determined the effects of the use of ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, calcium nitrate and Entec 26 applied in the amounts of 50, 100, 150, 100 + 50 kg N·ha⁻¹ in cultivation for bunches, and additionally 200 kg N·ha⁻¹ for storage purpose. In the study with celeriac ammonium nitrate was supplied in split doses of 75, 150, 225 and 300 kg N·ha⁻¹, while Entec 26 at the same rates as preplant or split application.Results of the study showed that Entec 26 was equally valuable source of N for red beet as ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate and more efficient than ammonium sulphate. In experiment with celeriac, plants supplied with this fertilizer in split doses overyielded those receiving ammonium nitrate in the same amounts. The important advantageous effect of Entec 26 use was a considerable reduction of nitrates accumulation in red beet grown for bunches and in celeriac roots.