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Sensory Quality and Consumer Liking of Carrot Cultivars of Different Genotype

Szymczak, Paweł, Gajewski, Marek, Radzanowska, Jadwiga, Dąbrowska, Aleksandra
Vegetable crops research bulletin 2007 v.67 no.-1 pp. 163-176
agricultural colleges, carrots, color, consumer attitudes, consumer preferences, cultivars, experts, females, field experimentation, firmness, genotype, hardness, juiciness, males, off flavors, off odors, principal component analysis, regression analysis, roots, sensory evaluation, taste, texture, volunteers
The aim of this work was to determine sensory quality differentiation in various carrot cultivars of different genotype - with orange, purple and yellow storage roots. Consumer's test for liking carrots was performed in order to find consumer's preference level for carrots types and to determine the relationship between sensory profiles and consumer's attitude to carrots. An approach was also done to find correlations between descriptors of sensory quality and liking level, and to determine which sensory quality descriptors significantly affect overall sensory quality impression. The two-year studies were carried out in Warsaw Agricultural University in 2005-2006. Carrots were grown on the experimental field of the University. Eight cultivars of different storage root colour and shape were chosen: 'Perfekcja', 'Interceptor', 'Vita Longa', 'Nebula', 'Deep Purple', 'Purple Haze', 'Mello Yello', 'White Satin'. The trained panel, consisting of 12 persons, carried out the evaluation, using the quantitative descriptive analysis method (QDA). At the first part of QDA procedure, experts generated a set of 13 descriptors for odour, appearance, texture and flavour/taste of carrot. Consumer test of carrots liking was also performed by 65-person group of volunteers in different age of both sexes. For this evaluation non-structural scale was also used, with anchoring points: 'I do not like it' - 'I like it very much'. Consumer liking for colour, flavour and overall liking was evaluated. Principal component analysis and regression analysis were performed on obtained data. Results show large differentiation of sensory traits of investigated cultivars. The biggest influence on overall quality exerted off-odour intensity, flesh firmness, flavour of raw carrot intensity, bitter taste and off-flavour intensity. Consumer's preference was also differentiated and highest scores for liking got orange coloured cultivars. In respect of flavour liking, 'Perfekcja', 'Interceptor' and 'Nebula' were the most desired cultivars by consumers of both sexes, and 'Mello Yello' was the lowest desired cultivar. There were small differences in preference between females and males. Flavour liking of carrots was strongly and positively correlated with flesh juiciness and crunchiness of roots.