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Trade Tensions Between EU and Russia: Possible Effects on Trade in Agricultural Commodities for Visegrad Countries

Erokhin, Vasily, Heijman, Wim, Ivolga, Anna
Visegrad journal on bioeconomy and sustainable development 2014 v.3 no.2 pp. 52-57
European Union, agricultural products, agricultural trade, bioeconomics, international trade, markets, sustainable development, Russia
The paper includes overview of the current state of the EU-CIS and the EU-Russia trade flows with particular attention to trade in agricultural commodities, as well as contemporary tendencies in agricultural production and foreign trade in agricultural commodities and food in Russia. The paper specifically addresses the possible effects of the trade restrictions between the EU and Russia, particularly the imposed ban on agricultural trade, on the Visegrad countries. The paper is concluded with an overview of the expected influences of the trade tensions on Russia’s domestic agricultural market, including consumers, producers, and retailers.