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Constitutive flow behavior of a municipal solid waste simulant at post-failure: experimental and numerical investigations

Dai, Zili, Huang, Yu, Deng, Wenbin, Jiang, Fuhong, Wang, Dong
Environmental earth sciences 2016 v.75 no.11 pp. 944
disasters, hydrodynamics, landfills, models, municipal solid waste, shear strength, viscosity
Flow slides are relatively common environmental disasters that occur in municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills and can result in serious consequences in surrounding regions. This study presents experimental and numerical investigations into the constitutive flow behavior of a MSW stimulant at post-failure stage. First, a series of ring shear tests on MSW simulant are conducted under varying shear rates; the residual shear strength is observed to grow linearly as the shear rate increased, which behaves like a kind of viscous fluid. Based on the results, the concept of viscosity coefficient is introduced and a viscous fluid model is established to describe the constitutive behavior of the MSW simulant at post-failure stage. This model is finally incorporated into a smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) code to simulate a flow slide model test. The numerical results agree well with the test data, thus verifying the applicability and reliability of the viscous fluid model to describe flow slide disasters in landfills.