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Abhängigkeit der Chlor-Isotopenseparation vom Vernetzungsgrad eines stark basischen Anionenaustauschers / Dependence of Chlorine Isotope Separation on the Degree of Cross Linkage of a Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resin

Heumann, Klaus G., Roßmann, Paul, Schwarz, Anni, Windfelder, Alfred
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 2014 v.34 no.3 pp. 406-411
anion exchange resins, cations, chlorides, chlorine, crosslinking, ion exchange chromatography, mass spectrometry, sodium nitrate, stable isotopes
Using ion exchange chromatography, the dependence of the chlorine isotope separation on the degree of cross linkage of a strongly basic anion exchange resin was investigated. With increasing degree of cross linkage the elementary separation effect for the two stable isotopes ³⁵Cl and ³⁷Cl increases. In all experiments ³⁵Cl- is enriched in the resin phase, whereas ³⁷Cl- is enriched in the solution, using 0.1 M NaNO₃ as an eluant. Within the degree of cross linkage of 2 to 10 per cent investigated, there is a linear correlation of the elementary separation effect of the chlorine isotopes with the selectivity coefficient between the ions NO₃- and Cl-. The results show that the electrolyte behavior of anionic isotope exchange reactions is comparable with that of cations. The ³⁵Cl/³⁷Cl isotope ratio is determined using thermal ionization mass spectrometry.