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Optimisation and comparative study on the addition of shrimp protein hydrolysate and shrimp powder on physicochemical properties of extruded snack

Jeyakumari, Annamalai, Rahul Das, Mampuzha Sivadas, Bindu, Jaganath, Joshy, Chalil George, Zynudheen, Aliyamveetil Abubacker
International journal of food science & technology 2016 v.51 no.7 pp. 1578-1585
corn flour, extrusion, hydrolysates, ingredients, physicochemical properties, protein hydrolysates, regression analysis, response surface methodology, rice flour, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, shrimp
The effect of an addition of shrimp protein hydrolysate and shrimp powder on the physicochemical properties of extruded snack was studied. Rice flour and cornflour were used as base materials, and extrusion was done using corotating twin‐screw extruder. A mixture response surface methodology was used to study the effect of ingredient mixture on the physical, functional and sensory properties of extrudates. Linear and quadratic mixture response regression model was fitted to the response variables, and it was evaluated using R² values. Based on the desirability function score, the optimum combination of ingredient was 47.75% rice flour, 38.64% cornflour, 5.95% hydrolysate and 7.67% shrimp protein powder. It was observed that an addition of shrimp hydrolysate more than 5% (7.5%) improved the crispiness. Sensory evaluation revealed that shrimp hydrolysate and shrimp powder can be used at 5–7.5% level for developing protein‐rich extruded products without affecting sensory characteristics.