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Photosynthetic activity of the phytoplankton in the reservoirs of the Volga River

Mineeva, N. M., Korneva, L. G., Solovyova, V. V.
Inland water biology 2016 v.9 no.2 pp. 116-125
biomass, euphotic zone, eutrophication, photosynthesis, phytoplankton, rivers, seasonal variation, summer
The parameters of the photosynthetic activity per unit of the phytoplankton biomass have been studied for the reservoirs of the Volga River. The wide range of variability is accompanied by most of the values of A/B ratio laying within 0.5–3 mg O₂/(mg · day); the P/B ratio in the photic layer varies as 0.5–3 day–¹ and in the whole water column varies as 1 day⁻¹. The maximal values have been observed for the reservoirs located in the Upper Volga River. The turnover period of the phytoplankton biomass in the photic zone of the studied reservoirs was 0.2–1.6 day, or in2.1–3.8 times higher than for the whole water column from the surface down to the bottom. The seasonal variability of the A/B and P/B ratios in each reservoir had more pronounced individual variability than the variability observed for the whole cascade during the summer season. The A/B and P/B ratios decrease significantly in the oligotrophic waters to the eutrophic; these ratios have an indicator value.