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Using 3 × 3 Matrix to Evaluate the Manufacturing Technology in Food Company

Ingaldi, Manuela, Kotus, Martin, Škůrková, Katarína Lestyánszka
Acta technologica agriculturae 2016 v.19 no.2 pp. 52-56
food industry, manufacturing, marketing, production technology
In order to produce goods of sufficient quality finding buyers in the market, a company must have an adequate knowledge of their production technology. Technologies and finished products at the same time will affect the position of the company in the market and hence its existence in this market. Therefore, it is so important for every company to determine the appropriate technological strategy. The 3 × 3 matrix is a very useful tool to do so. This matrix shows the relation between technological possibilities of the company and its position in the market. However, that requires changing the scale used in the matrix. In practice, this means that both those that have a positive impact on the company and those that have a negative impact on it can be included in the factors. The research was conducted in a food industry company. It turned out that the research company was located in field of the matrix marked as ‚Improve marketing’. It means that the company should put more emphasis on improving the factors related to its position in the market.