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Development and validation of a magnetic solid‐phase extraction with high‐performance liquid chromatography method for the simultaneous determination of amphetamine and methadone in urine

Taghvimi, Arezou, Hamishehkar, Hamed, Ebrahimi, Mahmoud
Journal of separation science 2016 v.39 no.12 pp. 2307-2312
adsorbents, agitation, amphetamine, desorption, forensic sciences, graphene oxide, high performance liquid chromatography, illicit drugs, ionic strength, methadone, nanoparticles, pH, solid phase extraction, solvents, urine
The simultaneous determination of amphetamine and methadone was carried out by magnetic graphene oxide nanoparticles, a magnetic solid‐phase extraction adsorbent, as a new sample treatment technique. The main factors (the amounts of sample volume, amount of adsorbent, type and amount of extraction organic solvent, time of extraction and desorption, pH, the ionic strength of extraction medium, and agitation rate) influencing the extraction efficiency were investigated and optimized. Under the optimized conditions, good linearity was observed in the range of 100–1500 ng/mL for amphetamine and 100–1000 ng/mL for methadone. The method was evaluated for determination of AM and methadone in positive urine samples, satisfactory results were obtained, therefore magnetic solid‐phase extraction can be applied as a novel method for the determination of drugs of abuse in forensic laboratories.