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Water Management for Sustainable Growth Strategies

Jurík, Ľuboš, Kaletová, Tatiana, Halaj, Peter
Visegrad journal on bioeconomy and sustainable development 2016 v.5 no.1 pp. 31-35
bioeconomics, crop production, energy, growing season, industry, irrigation, pastures, risk, socioeconomics, soil water, surface water, sustainable development, water security, water supply, weather
The aim of this document is to present a synthesis of water sustainability issues as the basic role in the sustainable growth strategies in many countries. Water crisis and extreme weather conditions have been identified by the World Economic Forum community as two of the top ten global risks. This is hardly surprising, considering the devastating impacts of having too little water, or too much. While water’s immediate impacts are often local, water security is now recognized as the systemic global risk. Each development has its own limiting parameters. In the latest decades, we have recognized the term ‚blue and green water‘. Blue water availability is a limiting factor for the green water. Due to the changes and processes in the country, as climatic, economic or socio-economic ones, fundamental factor for sustainable development is to secure water supply. Soil water and its availability for crop production during the growing season appear to be a problem. Surface water resources created for the additional irrigation in the pastures are now used for other purposes such as energy or industry. It is therefore important for water sustainability in the countries to increase the water resources protection.