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Rootstocks Influence on Leaf Surface and Vegetative Potential of ‘Prokupac’ Grape Cultivar

Markovic, N., Przic, Z., Rankovic-Vasic, Z.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1099 pp. 421-425
cultivars, field experimentation, grapes, leaf area, leaves, rootstocks, shoots, vines, wines
Research was conducted at the experimental field on the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. The research subject was Serbian autochthonous black wine cultivar ‘Prokupac’, grafted on three different rootstocks: Berlandieri × Riparia Kober 5BB, Berlandieri × Riparia SO4 and Sasla × Berlandieri 41B. The research showed that rootstock 41B had the greatest impact on leaf area increase (212.43 cm2) and K 5BB the lowest (192.02 cm2). During the several research years on the total shoots length rootstock K 5BB had the greatest influence (181.5 cm), while the other two rootstocks showed smaller total shoot increase of 172.8 cm (K 5BB) and 164.1 cm (SO4). Percent of ripe part on the shoot in the research period (1994-2000) was higher on rootstock 41 B (89.6%) compared to rootstocks K 5BB (86.5%) and SO4 (87.3%). On the same rootstock in the research period slight increase in shoots length was found during the growing compared to the other two rootstocks (182.6 to 217.0 cm). The highest weight of pruned shoot per vine was observed on the rootstock K 5BB (430.33 g), after that on rootstock 41B (370.23 g) and the lowest on the rootstock SO4 (329.16 g) which is rated as statistically significant.