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Study of New Apple Selections in Lithuania

Sasnauskas, A., Gelvonauskiene, D., Baniulis, D., Viskelis, P., Sakalauskaite, J., Gelvonauskis, B., Bobinas, C., Sikorskaite, S.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1099 pp. 719-725
Malus domestica, apples, color, crop yield, cultivars, flowering, fruit quality, fruits, leaves, phenology, pigments, summer, tree growth, trees, Lithuania, Russia
Advanced scab resistant summer apple selections Nr. 24053, Nr. 24060, Nr. 24074, Nr. 24084, Nr. 24087, Nr. 24089, Nr. 5131 with standard cultivars ‘Orlovim’ (Russia) and ‘Popierinis’ (Lithuania) were tested at Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in 2004-2010. Apple tree phenology, photosynthetic pigments content, tree growth, harvest and fruit quality, chemical and physical characters, colour coordinates were investigated. Data showed that cultivar ‘Orlovim’ blossomed early, while selections Nr. 5131 and Nr. 24087 – late. More photosynthetic pigments accumulated in the leaves of apple trees Nr. 24074. The weakest growth distinguished trees of selection Nr. 24087, Nr. 24084 and ‘Popierinis’. Apple trees of Nr. 24084, Nr. 24060, Nr. 24087 and Nr. 24089 produced the highest cumulative apple yield. The fruits of selections Nr. 24053, Nr. 24087 and ‘Orlovim’ were the largest. The fruits of Nr. 24053, Nr. 24087 and ‘Orlovim’ had better fruit quality and biochemical characteristic in comparison with other apple selections. According with the results two new advanced selections Nr. 24053 and Nr. 24087 are most valuable among the tested.