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Distribution and ecology of the lichen Fellhanera gyrophorica in the Pojezierze Olsztyńskie Lakeland and its status in Poland

Kubiak, Dariusz
Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 2011 v.80 no.4 pp. 293-300
Acer platanoides, Carpinus betulus, Fellhanera, Populus tremula, ecology, forests, lichens, thallus, Poland
The study presents recent data on the distribution of Fellhanera gyrophorica (Pilocarpaceae, Ascomycota) in Poland, a rare lichen with a crustose, usually sterile thallus. Both previous and new localities of the species are presented with data on its eco­logy and general distribution. Furthermore, this paper provides detailed results on floristic investigations of the species in the forest areas of the Pojezierze Olsztyńskie Lakeland (Northern Poland). Fertile specimens of F. gyrophorica have been observed in Poland for the second time and in the world – for the third time. Also, a new substrate for this species has been found: Acer platanoides. In addition, Carpinus betulus and Populus tremula were also found to be the species' substrates in Poland. Based on this study and previous reports, F. gyrophorica seems to be a relatively common species in north-eastern Poland.