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Isolation of Bluetongue Virus 24 from India – An Exotic Serotype to Australasia

Krishnajyothi, Y., Maan, S., Kandimalla, K., Maan, N. S., Tutika, R. B., Reddy, Y. V., Kumar, A., Mrunalini, N., Reddy, G. H., Putty, K., Ahmed, S. M., Reddy, Y. N., Hemadri, D., Singh, K. P., Mertens, P. P. C., Hegde, N. R., Rao, P. P.
Transboundary and emerging diseases 2016 v.63 no.4 pp. 360-364
Bluetongue virus, Culicoides, bluetongue, emerging diseases, endemic diseases, genome, midges, ruminants, sequence homology, serotypes, temperate zones, viruses, Africa, Australasian region, India, North America, South America
Bluetongue (BT) is a viral disease of ruminants and is caused by different serotypes of bluetongue virus (BTV), which is transmitted by several species of Culicoides midges. The disease is endemic in tropical areas, and incursions have been observed in some of the temperate areas. Twenty‐seven recognized serotypes of BTV have been reported so far. Some serotype viruses have been shown to circulate in certain geographical areas. BTV‐24 has been reported from Africa, the Mediterranean and the Americas, whereas it is exotic to Australasia. Here, we report isolation of BTV‐24 from India and show that it has high sequence homology in genome segment 2 with other Western isolates of BTV‐24. Entry of this serotype into Australasian region is a cause of concern.