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Color Kinetics During Ripening of Indian Mangoes

Nambi, Vijayram Eyarkai, Thangavel, Kulandaisamy, Shahir, Sultan, Chandrasekar, Veerapandian
International journal of food properties 2016 v.19 no.10 pp. 2147-2155
color, kinetics, logit analysis, mangoes, models, pulp, ripening
During ripening of mangoes, color change kinetics were studied with Alphonso, Banganapalli, and Neelam varieties. The internal and external color change was recorded using CIE-Lab color coordinates. L, a, b , and total color difference (Δ E) values were measured for internal pulp and external peel during the ripening period. Four kinetic models viz . zero order, first order, fractional conversion, and logistic models were used for modeling using MATLAB. Among the explored models, the logistic model was found to be more suitable to predict the changes in all external color coordinates in all the three varieties. Internal color coordinates of different varieties were exhibited contrasting behavior. So different kinetic models were proposed to predict the internal color change for different variety. The fractional conversion model was found to be not suitable in color change kinetics during ripening of mango.