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Aflatoxin B1 in sesame seeds and sesame products from the Greek market Part B Surveillance

Kollia, Eleni, Tsourouflis, Kyriakos, Markaki, Panagiota
Food additives & contaminants 2016 v.9 no.3 pp. 217-222
European Union, aflatoxin B1, carcinogens, cleaning, detection limit, fluorescence, fungi, high performance liquid chromatography, humans, liver, markets, risk, sesame seed
Aflatoxin B ₁ (AFB ₁) is considered as the most potent liver carcinogen for humans. A method for determination in sesame seeds was developed. AFB ₁ was extracted by methanol-water, cleaned by immunoaffinity columns and determined by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. The recovery factor and the limit of detection (LOD) of AFB ₁ in sesame seeds were 111.5% and 0.02 ng g ⁻¹, respectively. Thirty samples of sesame products were examined for the presence of AFB ₁. After analysis, 77.6% of samples were found to be contaminated. Eight samples exceeded the European Union (EU) limit (2 µg AFB ₁ kg ⁻¹). In 15 samples, AFB ₁ was below the EU limit. Seven samples remained below the LOD. The most contaminated (14.49 ng AFB ₁ g ⁻¹) sample was unpeeled packaged sesame seeds. In all samples, aflatoxigenic Aspergilli fungi as well as the risk for AFB ₁ presence in sesame seed was investigated.