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Yield and textural properties of tofu as affected by soymilk coagulation prepared by a high-temperature pressure cooking process

Zuo, Feng, Chen, Zhenjia, Shi, Xiaodi, Wang, Ruican, Guo, Shuntang
Food chemistry 2016 v.213 pp. 561-566
beta-conglycinin, calcium, chewiness, coagulation, gels, hardness, pressure cooking, protein content, soymilk, tofu
The cooking of raw soymilk is a necessary procedure prior to the production of tofu. The effects of the high-temperature pressure cooking (HTPC) and traditional cooking methods on the yield and textural properties of tofu products were investigated. Results showed that when HTPC was applied, the content of protein particles increased, thereby contributing to the formation of a dense network of tofu gel. Thus, significant improvement of textural properties, including hardness, chewiness and springiness, was observed. Moreover, HTPC contributes to the change in the composition of the particulate protein, whereas the proportion of β-conglycinin in the non-particulate protein increased. The start and end points of the protein coagulation induced by Ca2+ moved backward, and slowed the coagulation process, which was conducive to the incorporation of water or dry matter into the gel.