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Effect of γ-irradiation upon biogenic amine formation in blue cheese during storage

Rabie, M.A., Siliha, H.I., El-Saidy, S.M., El-Badawy, A.A., Xavier Malcata, F.
International dairy journal 2011 v.21 no.5 pp. 373-376
blue cheese, evolution, histamine, irradiation, monitoring, storage time, tyramine
The evolution in biogenic amine content of 12-day old Blue cheese, was monitored throughout storage at 5 °C, either non-irradiated or γ-irradiated at 2, 4 or 6 kGy. On a dry weight (DW) basis, the total content of biogenic amines increased from 1023.4 to 2310.2 mg kgDW ⁻¹ in non-irradiated cheeses within 90 d, but decreased from 976.7 to 431.5 mg kgDW ⁻¹ after irradiation at 6 kGy. Tyramine was dominant; it accounted for 96.1% of the total in non-irradiated cheeses, and 92.8–94.3% in their irradiated counterparts by 90 d of storage. From 35.7 mg kgDW ⁻¹ in 90 d non-irradiated cheese, histamine decreased to 29.0 mg kgDW ⁻¹ following irradiation at 2 kGy, and was not detected at 4–6 kGy. In sensory terms, irradiated cheeses were fully comparable with non-irradiated ones, except at the highest level of irradiation and longest storage times. Irradiation thus proved effective and useful in controlling biogenic amine levels in Blue cheese during storage.