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Extending the shelf life of gluten-free fresh filled pasta by modified atmosphere packaging

Sanguinetti, Anna Maria, Del Caro, Alessandra, Scanu, Angela, Fadda, Costantino, Milella, Giangiacomo, Catzeddu, Pasquale, Piga, Antonio
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2016 v.71 pp. 96-101
acidity, air, flavor, gluten-free foods, microorganisms, modified atmosphere packaging, off odors, pasta, pasteurization, pathogens, shelf life, storage temperature, storage time
This study refers about the shelf life extension of gluten-free (GF) fresh filled pasta packaged in modified atmosphere (MAP), with respect to air packaging. Pasteurized GF fresh filled pasta was packaged with 70/30 of N2/CO2 or with air. The evolution of microorganisms, in-package gas composition, chemical–physical parameters, and sensory attributes was checked at weekly intervals up to 42 days on samples stored at 4 °C.Air packaged samples spoiled after 14 days of storage, while MAP allowed 42 days of mold-free shelf life. Moreover, the combination of MAP and low storage temperature assured the control of alterative and pathogen microorganism growth in order to respect the limits imposed by the national laws. Sensory quality was maintained by MAP as well during the whole storage period as regards specific sensory attributes (acidity, flavor, off-odor and fried pasta friability) and the overall acceptability. MAP resulted, thus, in a threefold extension of the shelf life of gluten-free fresh filled pasta.