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Effect of sow and piglet porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) vaccination on piglet mortality, viraemia, antibody titre and production parameters

Fraile, Lorenzo, Sibila, Marina, Nofrarías, Miquel, López-Jimenez, Rosa, Huerta, Eva, Llorens, Anna, López-Soria, Sergio, Pérez, Diego, Segalés, Joaquim
Veterinary microbiology 2012 v.161 no.1-2 pp. 229-234
Porcine circovirus, antibody formation, humoral immunity, mortality, piglets, sows, vaccination, viremia, weight gain
The present study describes the effects of sow and/or piglet porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) vaccination on viraemia, antibody response and production parameters (average daily weight gain [ADWG] and mortality) of piglets from a PCV2 subclinically infected farm. Four hundred seventy-six piglets born from vaccinated (V) or non-vaccinated (NV) sows were further subdivided in a total of four groups: NV sows–NV pigs (NV–NV, n=134), NV sows–V pigs (NV–V, n=135);V sows–NV pigs (V–NV, n=104) and V sows–V pigs (V–V, n=103). A single vaccination of sows before mating was able to confer significantly higher antibody titres to their piglets at 4 weeks of age and a different PCV2 dynamics infection compared to piglets coming from NV sows. Piglet vaccination (independently of sow treatment) caused an earlier seroconversion and lower percentages of PCV2 infected pigs compared to the NV ones throughout their life. The double PCV2 vaccination strategy was able to reduce PCV2 infection but apparently caused some interference in piglet humoral response development. PCV2 vaccination was able to overcome this interference since the ADWG was improved in both groups of vaccinated piglets, independently of the sow treatment, being the highest ones obtained in the double vaccination group.