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The activity of three glycosidases (β-Ν-acetyloglucosaminidase, α-mannosidase, and β-galactosidase) in the follicular fluid and in the maturation medium affects bovine oocyte maturation

Dovolou, E., Samartzi, F., Perreau, C., Krania, F., Cordova, A., Vainas, E., Amiridis, G.S., Mermillod, P., Tsiligianni, Th.
Theriogenology 2016 v.85 no.8 pp. 1468-1475
alpha-mannosidase, beta-galactosidase, cattle, follicular fluid, oocytes
We studied the role of follicular fluid's (FF) glycosidase (α-mannosidase [α-ΜΑΝ], β-Ν-acetyloglucosaminidase [NAGASE], β-galactosidase [β-GAL]) activity during IVM of bovine oocytes. Oocytes were allocated into two groups according to the follicular size (small follicle [SF]: 2–5 mm, large follicle [LF]: >5–8 mm). In experiment 1, cumulus–oocyte complexes (COCs) quality was evaluated according to morphologic criteria (grades A, B–C, D); oocyte (n = 801) nuclear maturation was assessed after 24 hours of incubation. Bovine embryos were produced in vitro in groups (experiment 2, n = 1503 oocytes) or individually (experiment 3, n = 50 oocytes). More grade-A and -BC COCs were collected from SF and LF groups, respectively (P < 0.05). Maturation rate (experiment 1) and cleavage rate (experiments 2 and 3) were similar in SF and LF groups. Activity of all glycosidases in FF was higher (P < 0.05) in SF group than in LF group, whereas in maturation medium of SF group it was, overall, significantly lower than in that of LF (experiments 2 and 3). In FF of SF group, NAGASE positively associated with grade-A oocytes and negatively with BC oocytes; increased β-GAL was associated with degenerated oocytes. Cleavage rate in LF group, related negatively to NAGASE and positively to α-MAN in maturation medium. These results indicate that during maturation, COCs release NAGASE and consume β-GAL, but differences probably exist between individual and group maturation.