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Purification, characterization and hepatoprotective activities of mycelia zinc polysaccharides by Pleurotus djamor

Zhang, Jianjun, Liu, Min, Yang, Yongheng, Lin, Lin, Xu, Nuo, Zhao, Huajie, Jia, Le
Carbohydrate polymers 2016 v.136 pp. 588-597
Pleurotus djamor, alanine transaminase, antioxidant activity, aspartate transaminase, blood serum, carbon tetrachloride, dose response, drugs, functional foods, glutathione peroxidase, hepatoprotective effect, in vitro studies, liver, molecular weight, mycelium, natural foods, polysaccharides, superoxide dismutase, zinc
This study was designed to investigate the physicochemical properties (molecular weights, bond types and monosaccharide compositions), antioxidant activities, and hepatoprotective effects on carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced acute liver damage of mycelia zinc polysaccharides (MZPSs) and its major fractions (MZPS-1, -2 and -3) separated from Pleurotus djamor. In vitro assays, the MZPS-3 demonstrated relatively strong antioxidant activities in dose-dependent manners. For in vivo hepatoprotective activities, administration of MZPS-3 at 800mg/kg significantly decreased the levels of AST, ALT, MDA and LPO, remarkably increased the levels of TC, TG and ALB, and prominently restored the activities of SOD, GSH-Px, CAT and T-AOC in serum/liver homogenate against CCl4-induced injures. Findings presented in this study clearly demonstrated that MZPSs, especially MZPS-3, might be suitable for functional foods and natural drugs in preventing the CCl4-induced acute liver damage.