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Biomineralization of calcium phosphate crystals on chitin nanofiber hydrogel for bone regeneration material

Kawata, Mari, Azuma, Kazuo, Izawa, Hironori, Morimoto, Minoru, Saimoto, Hiroyuki, Ifuku, Shinsuke
Carbohydrate polymers 2016 v.136 pp. 964-969
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-radiation, biomineralization, bones, calcification, calcium nitrate, calcium phosphates, chitin, crystals, hydrocolloids, laboratory animals, mechanical properties, nanofibers, osteoblasts, sodium hydroxide, squid, tissue engineering
We previously reported a chitin nanofiber hydrogel from squid pen β-chitin by a simple NaOH treatment. In the present study, a calcium phosphate/chitin nanofiber hydrogel was prepared for bone tissue engineering. Calcium phosphate was mineralized on the hydrogel by incubation in a solution of diammonium hydrogen phosphate solution followed by calcium nitrate tetrahydrate. X-ray diffractometry and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy showed the formation of calcium phosphate crystals. The morphology of the calcium phosphate crystals changed depending on the calcification time. After mineralization, the mechanical properties of the hydrogel improved due to the reinforcement effect of calcium phosphate crystal. In an animal experiment, calcium phosphate/chitin nanofiber hydrogel accelerated mineralization in subcutaneous tissues. Morphological osteoblasts were observed.