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Extraction of cellulose from agricultural waste using Montmorillonite K-10/LiOH and its conversion to renewable energy: Biofuel by using Myrothecium gramineum

Das, Archana M., Hazarika, Manash P., Goswami, Monmi, Yadav, Archana, Khound, Pradip
Carbohydrate polymers 2016 v.141 pp. 20-27
Acacia, Aspergillus, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Myrothecium, X-ray diffraction, acid hydrolysis, agricultural wastes, bioethanol, bleaching, catalysts, cellulose, differential scanning calorimetry, ethanol, ethanol fermentation, fungi, glucose, hydrogen peroxide, maleic acid, montmorillonite, rice hulls, sulfuric acid, temperature, thermogravimetry, India
Cellulose was extracted from agricultural waste like Rice Husk (RH) a renewable resource of India as well as in the World. Cellulose was isolated from rice husk (RH) using eco-friendly method with Montmorillonite K-10/LiOH solution and bleaching with 2% H2O2. The reaction parameters like time, temperature, catalyst, acid and alkali were studied to evaluate the optimum reaction conditions 6h, 80°C, 20% maleic acid and 10% LiOH (in H2O) for time, temperature, acid and alkali, respectively. Renewable energy, biofuel from agricultural waste using Myrothecium gramineum was also investigated herein. Cellulose was converted to glucose by using acid hydrolysis and the optimum reaction conditions were 140°C for 60min. in presence of H2SO4 (5% v/v). It has been recognized significantly as potential sustainable sources of sugars for fermentation to bioethanol. So, our effort was given to obtain bioethanol from RH using new and novel renewable fungal strain M. gramineum. M. gramineum was isolated from acacia plant available in NE region of India. The results revealed that % yields of cellulose, glucose and bioethanol were 68%, 60% and 25%, respectively. Moreover, the bioethanol was compared with the standard ethanol (Laboratory grade) and also the ethanol produced from the known microb Aspergillus niger.The synthesized products were characterized with the help of analytical techniques like FT-IR, GC, TGA, DSC and XRD.