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Simulation of a water ecosystem in a landscape lake in Tianjin with AQUATOX: Sensitivity, calibration, validation and ecosystem prognosis

Niu, Zhiguang, Gou, Qianqian, Wang, Xiujun, Zhang, Ying
Ecological modelling 2016 v.335 pp. 54-63
biomass, ecosystems, information management, lakes, landscapes, models, photosynthesis, prognosis, respiratory rate, temperature, water quality, China
The parameters involved in AQUATOX of the relatively large lakes do not have widespread applicability in landscape lakes. To get a series of model parameters of landscape lakes, an AQUATOX model was developed for SH landscape lake in Tianjin. The parameter sensitivity analysis, calibration and validation were carried out in this study. Moreover, the model was applied to predict the changes of nutrient with different species in SH. The results of parameter sensitivity analysis indicated that the model is highly sensitive to the optimal temperature, maximum photosynthetic rate and respiration rate. The results from calibration and validation have revealed that the AQUATOX model did a good simulating for SH. Furthermore, the AQUATOX provided necessary information for management of SH. Based on the prognosis under different scenarios, the biomass of Bullhead and plants should be controlled to remain the water quality of SH in a good condition.