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Development of an analytical method to measure insoluble and soluble starch in sugarcane and sweet sorghum products

Cole, Marsha R., Eggleston, Gillian, Gilbert, Audrey, Chung, Yoo Jin
Food chemistry 2016 v.190 pp. 50-59
analytical methods, bagasse, boiling, color, corn starch, heat, juices, microwave treatment, molasses, solubilization, starch, sugar crops, sugar industry, sugarcane, sugars, sweet sorghum, ultrasonic treatment
A rapid research method using microwave-assisted probe ultrasonication was developed to quantify total, insoluble, and soluble starch in various sugar crop products. Several variables affecting starch solubilisation were evaluated, (1) heating method, (2) boiling time, (3) probe ultrasonication time, (4) water loss, (5) concentration, (6) sample colour, and (7) sample. The optimised method solubilises <40,000ppm insoluble starch with microwave-assisted sonication in 6min, has acceptable precision (<6% CV), accuracy (⩾95%), uses a corn starch reference, and incorporates a colour blank to remove contribution from natural colourants found in industrial samples. This method was validated using factory samples and found applicable to sugarcane and sweet sorghum bagasse (3% CV), mixed juices (2%), massecuites (4%), molasses (7%), and raw sugars (12%), 100% satisfactory performance z-scores were also obtained. Total starch values obtained with this method were significantly higher than those measured using other methods presently accepted by the sugar industry.