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In house validation from direct determination of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural (HMF) in Brazilian corn and cane syrups samples by HPLC–UV

de Andrade, Jucimara K., Komatsu, Emy, Perreault, Hélène, Torres, Yohandra R., da Rosa, Marcos R., Felsner, Maria L.
Food chemistry 2016 v.190 pp. 481-486
acetonitrile, cane syrup, corn, corn syrup, food safety, formic acid, high performance liquid chromatography, hydroxymethylfurfural
In this work the development and in house validation of the HMF direct determination in corn and cane syrups by HPLC–UV was carried out for the first time. The separation was done with isocratic elution of a mobile phase comprising water (with 0.5% formic acid) and acetonitrile (90:10, v/v) on Phenomenex C18 column (5.0μm, 4.6×150mm), at 30°C, flow rate of 0.8mLmin−1 and detection at 285nm. The validated method showed excellent performance with low limits (LOD and LOQ of 0.09 and 0.26mgL−1, respectively), good accuracy (recovery rates between 100% and 104%) and precision (RSD’s for repeatability and intermediate precision between 0.57% and 6.43%). Good selectivity and linearity were also observed. HMF contents in both foods were very high (406.6–2121.3mgkg−1 for corn syrup and 109.2–893.1mgkg−1 for cane syrup), which arouses concern about food safety of these products.