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Characterization of lipid oxidation in plant oils by micro-calorimetry

Dridi, Wafa, Toutain, Jean, Sommier, Alain, Essafi, Wafa, Gargouri, Mohamed, Leal-Calderon, Fernando, Cansell, Maud
Food chemistry 2016 v.197 pp. 709-713
heat production, heat transfer, lipid peroxidation, monitoring, oxidation, oxidative stability, plant fats and oils, screening, spectroscopy
A new experimental device was developed, based on the measurement of the heat flux dissipated during chemical reactions. The technique was exploited for real time monitoring of lipid oxidation in plant oils. The thermopiles were used in adiabatic configuration in order to measure the entire heat flux and improve sensitivity. Measurements were operated with a resolution of few μW as required to follow low exothermic reactions like oxidation. The validation of the device was performed by correlating conjugated diene concentrations measured by spectrophotometry and the heat flux dissipated by oxidation reactions. Our experimental approach involved several plant oils analyzed in isothermal conditions. This novel technique provides a versatile, sensitive, solvent-free and yet low-cost method to assess lipid oxidation stability, particularly suitable for the fast screening of plant oils.