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Fish gelatin combined with chitosan coating inhibits myofibril degradation of golden pomfret (Trachinotus blochii) fillet during cold storage

Feng, Xiao, Bansal, Nidhi, Yang, Hongshun
Food chemistry 2016 v.200 pp. 283-292
Trachinotus, chitosan, coatings, cold storage, fish, fish fillets, gelatin, matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionization mass spectrometry, myoglobin, myosin light chains, protective effect, protein degradation
Coating of gelatin and chitosan can improve fish fillet’s quality, but the mechanism is not clear. Chitosan/gelatin coatings significantly prevented deterioration of golden pomfret fillet at 4°C. Chitosan with 7.2% gelatin group showed the best effect on preserving the length of myofibril, which remained greater than 15μm at day 17 of storage, while for control, chitosan and chitosan combined with 3.6% gelatin group, it was 5.03, 10.04 and 9.02μm, respectively. The MALDI-TOF MS result revealed that the coatings slowed down the protein deterioration of fillet. On days 13 and 17, the myosin light chain and myoglobin in control group degraded, while the two proteins still existed in chitosan/gelatin coated groups. Overall, the chitosan with 7.2% gelatin coating had the best effect on preserving fillet’s quality during storage. The coating may exert its protective effect via inhibiting myofibril degradation within fillet.