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The influence of pruning and harvest timing on hop aroma, cone appearance, and yield

Matsui, Hiroo, Inui, Takako, Oka, Kaneo, Fukui, Nobuyuki
Food chemistry 2016 v.202 pp. 15-22
Humulus lupulus, beers, essential oils, geraniol, ingredients, linalool, myrcene, odors, pruning, taste, Czech Republic
Humulus lupulus (hop) cone is a key ingredient of beer, which determines its taste and aroma. Thus, it is necessary to control its cultivation conditions to acquire suitable quality. Here, cultivation conditions, such as pruning, blooming, and harvest timings, were modified for the Saaz hop variety in the Saaz region of Czech Republic. We investigated the correlation between the abovementioned cultivation factors and hop aroma characteristics, chemical components, appearance, yield, and beer quality in four locations and in three years. Harvest timing had a significant impact on the amount of essential oils, especially monoterpenes. Among them, linalool, geraniol and myrcene, which contribute beer hoppy aroma, increased with delay in harvest timing. These impacts caused by harvest timing were confirmed in all 4 locations and in all 3years. Our findings suggest that harvest timing influences the intensity and quality of beer hoppy aroma.