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Mislabeling in Indian seafood: An investigation using DNA barcoding

Kannuchamy Nagalakshmi, Pavan-Kumar Annam, Gudipati Venkateshwarlu, Gireesh-Babu Pathakota, Wazir Singh Lakra
Food control 2016 v.59 pp. 196-200
DNA barcoding, databases, genetic markers, markets, nucleotide sequences, ready-to-cook foods, ready-to-eat foods, seafoods, India
Seafood mislabeling is an emerging issue in global seafood market in terms of economical as well as health concern. Among different molecular markers, DNA barcoding has been successfully applied for seafood authentication. The present study aimed to find out the level of seafood mislabeling prevailing in India using DNA barcoding. A total of 100 seafood samples including fresh, frozen, ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat and canned products were collected from different geographical locations of India. Samples were authenticated by comparing the COI gene sequences with public reference taxonomic databases. The present study reveals 22% of seafood mislabeling prevailing in Indian domestic market.