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Mechanical property of different corn stover morphological fractions and its correlations with high solids enzymatic hydrolysis by periodic peristalsis

Liu, Zhi-Hua, Chen, Hong-Zhang
Bioresource technology 2016 v.214 pp. 292-302
corn stover, enzymatic hydrolysis, fractionation, glucans, leaves, lignin, mechanical properties, peristalsis, pith, steam, texture, xylan
Selective structure fractionation combined with periodic peristalsis was exploited to improve the conversion performance of corn stover. The increase of glucan and lignin content and the decrease of xylan content in stem pith were highest after SE, whereas they were lowest in stem node. Glucan conversion increased in this order: steam node<stem rind<whole corn stover (WCS)<stem pith<leaf sheath<leaf. Glucan conversion using periodic peristalsis increased by 10–17% before 24h compared with that using incubator shaker. Stem pith, leaf sheath, leaf, and WCS showed lower hardness and total work in texture profile analysis, resulting in higher glucan conversion compared with stem node and stem rind. Periodic peristalsis reduced hardness and total work before 24h, which was consistent with increased glucan conversion. Periodic peristalsis was an effective strategy to increase high solids enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency of different corn stover morphological fractions.