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Development of an advanced in vitro model of the stomach and its evaluation versus human gastric physiology

Bellmann, Susann, Lelieveld, Jan, Gorissen, Tom, Minekus, Mans, Havenaar, Robert
Food research international 2016 v.88 pp. 191-198
food intake, gastric emptying, human health, humans, models, satiety, secretion, stomach
We describe an in vitro advanced gastric model to study the behavior of oral compounds under interactive kinetic conditions in the human stomach. The development is based on the essential characteristics of the gastric anatomy and physiology after the intake of food. These in vivo characteristics were translated to a dynamic, computer-controlled in vitro model (TIMagc), simulating the motility and pressure forces in the different regions of the stomach, the rate and composition of gastric secretion fluids, and the gastric emptying of liquids and solids, including the housekeeper wave. The model has been evaluated by comparing measured physiological parameters in TIMagc with the parameters as measured in the human stomach. The results show that an accurate dynamic simulation of the conditions in the human stomach is realized in TIMagc. This model can support the research of novel products, for example in relation to satiation and satiety, for improvement of human health.