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Development and mating behavior of Osmia cornifrons (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in the constant temperature

Lee, Kyeong Yong, Yoon, Hyung Joo, Lee, Kwang Sik, Jin, Byung Rae
Journal of Asia-Pacific entomology 2016 v.19 no.2 pp. 281-287
Osmia, adulthood, adults, apples, copulation, courtship, eggs, females, head, instars, larvae, larval development, longevity, males, pollinators, prepupae, pupation, rearing, spinning, temperature, Korean Peninsula
Osmia cornifrons is a cavity-nesting solitary species used as an apple pollinator in Korea. To elucidate the developmental characteristics of O. cornifrons, we investigated its development from the egg to adulthood, including a dormant prepupal phase and mating through indoor rearing (25°C, 65% R.H.). The egg durations of the female and male bees were 3.6±0.8days and 3.1±1.3days, respectively. During larval development, the head widths of the 1st to 5th instars ranged from 0.7±0.1mm to 1.3±0.1mm. The peak of the growth in head width was the 2nd instar. The larval lengths ranged from 3.7±0.6mm to 13.6±1.3mm. The peak of growth was the 4th instar. The larval weights ranged from 4.5±1.2mg to 78.3±16.1mg. The peak of growth was the 3rd instars. The total larval durations of from the 1st to 5th instars for the females and males were 14.0±6.0days and 13.2±5.8days, respectively. The spinning durations of the females and males were 2.2±0.7days and 2.3±0.8days, the prepupation durations were 55.5±5.9days and 55.8±2.9days, and the pupation durations were 26.4±2.1days and 25.3±2.3days, respectively. The average longevity of the female adults and male adults was 21.8±8.7days and 24.4±12.4days, respectively. The total duration of from the egg to an adult bee of the O. cornifrons females and males was 123.5days and 124.1days, respectively. Mating consisted of the three following phases: the precopulatory (courtship and attempting copulation), copulation and postcopulatory phases. The mating times of the precopulatory, copulation and postcopulatory phases were 159.6±288.9, 8.4±7.1, 12.9±4.5, and 198.8±69.8s.