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Concentration-dependent effect of (-) epicatechin in hypertensive patients

Kumar, Navneet, Kant, Ruchi, Maurya, Pawan Kumar
Phytotherapy research 2010 v.24 no.10 pp. 1433-1436
antioxidant activity, biomarkers, dose response, epicatechin, glutathione, green tea, hypertension, in vitro studies, oxidative stress, patients, phenolic compounds
Non-vitamin polyphenolic compounds are ubiquitous in food plants and therefore potentially present in human plasma in a diet-dependent concentration. The aim of this study was to evaluate the concentration-dependent effect of (-) epicatechin, a polyphenol present in green tea with antioxidant activity, on various biomarkers of oxidative stress. The current study examined the in vitro concentration-dependent (10⁻⁴ M to 10⁻⁷ M) effects of (-) epicatechin on biomarkers of oxidative stress viz. malondialdehyde (MDA), reduced glutathione (GSH), membrane sulfhydryl (-SH) group and protein carbonyl content in hypertensive patients and normal ones. This effect seems to be due to ability of (-) epicatechin to reduce MDA and protein carbonyl content while increase in GSH and membrane -SH group in hypertensive patients. It can be concluded that (-) epicatechin exerts an antioxidant action inside the cell, responsible for the observed modulation of cellular response to oxidative challenges.