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Factors influencing the use of urban greenways: A case study of Aydın, Turkey

Akpinar, Abdullah
Urban forestry & urban greening 2016 v.16 pp. 123-131
case studies, cities, developed countries, developing countries, drinking water, educational status, household income, linear models, marital status, quality of life, recreation, surveys, urbanization, Turkey (country)
Urban greenways are important quality of life indicators in cities. However, urban greenways research is mostly carried out in developed countries, which limits the knowledge about urban greenways use, perceptions and preferences in urbanized metropolitan cities in developing countries. Considering the high levels of urbanization in Turkey, it is necessary to evaluate urban greenways. This study explores users’ perceptions, preferences in urban greenways, and the factors that affect urban greenways in the city of Aydın, Turkey. Data were collected through a survey with 417 active users on the field and the data were analyzed with multivariate linear regression while controlling for sex, age, marital status, education level, job status, and household income level. Respondents were asked about the distance from their home to the Koşuyolu Urban Greenway (KUG), frequency and duration of use of the KUG, and the factors that affected their use of the KUG. Results showed that 79.8% of the users live within 1km of the KUG, 55.4% of the users use the greenway everyday spending 1–2h for health, recreational and leisure activities. Two factors, distance to home and accessibility were identified as factors influencing frequency of use. Six factors, lighting, drinking water and restroom facilities, well-design, cleanliness, safety, and parking lot, were important factors relating to duration of use. This study shows that greenways are more than “luxury” and provide important health, recreational and leisure activities for Turkish people.When designing an urban greenway, consideration of certain factors may be an effective strategy to improve the use of urban greenways in developing countries.