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Design and synthesis of a Magainin2 fusion protein gene suitable for a mammalian expression system

Fan, Baoliang, Li, Ning
Transgenic research 2009 v.18 no.1 pp. 99-112
antibacterial proteins, beta-casein, gene expression, gene fusion, goat milk, mice, peptides, recombinant fusion proteins, synthetic genes, transfection, transgenic animals, transport proteins
We have designed and synthesized a gene encoding a fusion protein comprising Magainin2 and a carrier protein with the aim of screening for a suitable carrier protein expressing antibacterial peptides in the mammalian expression system. The antibacterial peptide Magainin2 was used as a model. Our results on mammalian cell expression showed that there was no exceptional splicing in the transfected CHO-s cells. Analysis of the transgenic mouse model revealed that the expression level of this fusion protein in one transgenic positive mouse was up to 10 g/l, which is close to the level of beta-casein in goat milk. The bioactivity analysis showed that the digested fusion protein had antibacterial activity. These results demonstrate that the synthetic gene of the carrier protein is suitable for expressing an antibacterial peptide in a mammalian cell system at high productivity and efficiency. Moreover, they demonstrate the potential for producing antibacterial peptides in a transgenic animal bioreactor on a large scale and inexpensively.