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Specialty products made from goat milk

Ribeiro, A.C., Ribeiro, S.D.A.
Small ruminant research 2010 v.89 no.2-3 pp. 225-233
beverages, business enterprises, butter, buttermilk, developing countries, economic sustainability, elderly, farmers, frozen yogurt, goat cheese, goat milk, goats, ice cream, manufacturing, milk, milk allergy, milk quality, nutrition, purchasing, sensory properties, sweets, taste, temperature, therapeutics, value-added products, Eastern European region, Middle East
Although it may not be important in certain parts of the world, the contribution of goat milk to the economic and nutritional wellbeing of humanity is undeniable in many developing countries, especially in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Eastern Europe and South American countries. Goat milk has played a very important role in health and nutrition of young and elderly. Goat milk has also been known for its beneficial and therapeutic effects on the people who have cow milk allergy. These nutritional, health and therapeutic benefits enlighten the potentials and values of goat milk and its specialty products. The chemical characteristics of goat milk can be used to manufacture a wide variety of products, including fluid beverage products (low fat, fortified, or flavored) and UHT (ultra high temperature) milk, fermented products such as cheese, buttermilk or yogurt, frozen products such as ice cream or frozen yogurt, butter, condensed/dried products, sweets and candies. In addition, other specialty products such as hair, skin care and cosmetic products made from goat milk recently have gained a further attention. Nevertheless, high quality products can only be produced from good quality goat milk. The quality milk should have the potential to tolerate technological treatment and be transformed into a product that satisfies the expectations of consumers, in terms of nutritional, hygienic and sensory attributes. Taste is the main criteria used by consumers to make decisions to purchase and consume goat milk and its products. Typical goat taste is considered as a quality component in certain goat cheese products. Farmers can produce more value-added products for the economic sustainability of their business and the dairy goat industry in general.