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Gas-Phase Self-Assembly of Highly Ordered Titania@Graphene Nanoflakes for Enhancement in Photocatalytic Activity

Byeon, Jeong Hoon, Kim, Young-Woo
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2013 v.5 no.9 pp. 3959-3966
dyes, gases, gold, graphene oxide, hydrogen, hydrogen production, nanoparticles, photocatalysis, silver, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide
The gas-phase self-assembly of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanoflakes with highly ordered ultrafine titania (TiO₂) particles was performed and the resultant hybrid material displayed an enhanced photocatalytic performance, both in producing hydrogen and in degrading dyes. Freshly synthesized TiO₂ nanoparticles (∼35 nm in equivalent mobility diameter) were quantitatively incorporated with nanoscale rGO (∼36 nm in equivalent mobility diameter) in the form of TiO₂/rGO hybrid nanoflakes (∼31 nm in equivalent mobility diameter). The TiO₂/rGO hybrid flakes were finally employed to evaluate its photocatalytic activity, and it was found that the ability to achieve hydrogen production and dye degradation was greater than that of a hybridized material from commercial p25-TiO₂ and large rGO. This gas-phase self-assembly also enhanced the photocatalytic activity by applying different spark configurations to prepare ZnO, Au, or Ag particles incorporated with rGO nanoflakes.