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Hierarchical NiAl Layered Double Hydroxide/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Nickel Foam Electrodes with Excellent Pseudocapacitive Properties

Wang, Bo, Williams, Gareth R., Chang, Zheng, Jiang, Meihong, Liu, Junfeng, Lei, Xiaodong, Sun, Xiaoming
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2014 v.6 no.18 pp. 16304-16311
capacitance, carbon nanotubes, electrochemistry, electrodes, energy, foams, nickel, sodium dodecyl sulfate, surfactants, vapors
The performances of pseudocapacitors usually depend heavily on their hierarchical architectures and composition. Herein, we report a three-dimensional hierarchical NiAl layered double hydroxide/multiwalled carbon nanotube/nickel foam (NiAl–LDH/MWCNT/NF) electrode prepared by a facile three-step fabrication method: in situ hydrothermal growth of NiAl–LDH film on a Ni foam, followed by direct chemical vapor deposition growth of dense MWCNTs onto the NiAl–LDH film, and finally the growth of NiAl–LDH onto the surface of the MWCNTs via an in situ hydrothermal process in the presence of surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate. The MWCNT surface was fully covered by NiAl–LDH hexagonal platelets, and this hierarchical architecture led to a much enhanced capacitance. The NiAl–LDH/MWCNT/NF electrode has an areal loading mass of 5.8 mg of LDH per cm² of MWCNT/NF surface. It also possesses exceptional areal capacitance (7.5 F cm–²), specific capacitance (1293 F g–¹), and cycling stability (83% of its initial value was preserved after 1000 charge–discharge cycles). The NiAl–LDH/MWCNT/NF material is thus a highly promising electrode with potential applications in electrochemical energy storage.