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Mortierella wolfii keratomycosis in a horse

Wada, Shinya, Ode, Hirotaka, Hobo, Seiji, Niwa, Hidekazu, Katayama, Yoshinari, Takatori, Kosuke
Veterinary ophthalmology 2011 v.14 no.4 pp. 267-270
Mortierella, case studies, cattle, eyes, fillies, fungi, hyphae, medical treatment, microbial growth, opacity
Purpose To describe a case of superficial keratomycosis caused by Mortierella wolfii (M. wolfii) in a horse. Methods A thoroughbred filly was presented with painful right eye of 2 days' duration. A superficial corneal ulcer was observed ventrally together with multifocal punctuate opacities axially. Samples were collected by swabbing and scraping the ulcerated lesion and submitted for microbiologic and cytologic examination. Results Microscopic evaluation of debrided corneal tissue revealed the presence of nonseptate fungal hyphae, and culture of a corneal swab yielded fungal growth. Medical treatment with topical antifungal, antibiotic and autogenous serum and systemic anti-inflammatory resolved the problem within 2 weeks. Conclusions Cytologic evaluation of a corneal scraping was useful to make a clinical diagnosis of keratomycosis. Based on the mycological characteristics, the fungus isolated from the corneal lesion was identified as M. wolfii. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first case report of equine keratomycosis associated with this fungus, although the organism is known to infect various organs of cattle.