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Contribution to the phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Taeniolella, with a focus on lichenicolous taxa

Ertz, Damien, Heuchert, Bettina, Braun, Uwe, Freebury, Colin E., Common, Ralph S., Diederich, Paul
Fungal biology 2016 v.120 no.11 pp. 1416-1447
Dothideomycetes, Melaspilea, Sordariomycetes, endophytes, lifestyle, monophyly, polyphyly, saprophytes, taxonomy
Taeniolella is a genus of asexual ascomycetes with saprophytic, endophytic, and lichenicolous life styles. A phylogeny of representative species is presented, with a focus on lichenicolous taxa. We obtained mtSSU and nuLSU sequence data from culture isolates of Taeniolella and from freshly collected specimens of other taxa. Taeniolella is recovered as strongly polyphyletic. The type species, Taeniolella exilis, is placed in Kirschsteiniotheliaceae within Dothideomycetes. Other saprophytic/endophytic Taeniolella species previously assigned to Sordariomycetes based on sequences were found to represent either contaminants or species that cannot be assigned to Taeniolella for morphological reasons. Lichenicolous species are restricted to Asterotexiales (Dothideomycetes) where the sequenced species of Taeniolella do not form a monophyletic group, but are related to species of Buelliella s. lat., Karschia, Labrocarpon, Melaspilea s. lat., and Stictographa. Molecular data are, however, not sufficient to reallocate the lichenicolous Taeniolella species to other genera so far. Anamorph–teleomorph relationships between these taxa and lichenicolous Taeniolella are discussed but could not be demonstrated. The type of Buelliella is placed in Asterotexiales, and the genus recovered as polyphyletic. Three new lichenicolous Taeniolella species are described, Taeniolella hawksworthiana, Taeniolella pyrenulae and Taeniolella toruloides. Taeniolella rudis is transferred to Sterigmatobotrys.