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Investigation of Photovoltaic Properties of Single Core–Shell GaN/InGaN Wires

Messanvi, A., Zhang, H., Neplokh, V., Julien, F. H., Bayle, F., Foldyna, M., Bougerol, C., Gautier, E., Babichev, A., Durand, C., Eymery, J., Tchernycheva, M.
ACS applied materials 2015 v.7 no.39 pp. 21898-21906
absorption, spectroscopy, vapors, wavelengths
We report the investigation of the photovoltaic properties of core–shell GaN/InGaN wires. The radial structure is grown on m-plane {11̅00} facets of self-assembled c̅-axis GaN wires elaborated by metal–organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) on sapphire substrates. The conversion efficiency of wires with radial shell composed of thick In₀.₁Ga₀.₉N layers and of 30× In₀.₁₈Ga₀.₈₂N/GaN quantum wells are compared. We also investigate the impact of the contact nature and layout on the carrier collection and photovoltaic performances. The contact optimization results in an improved conversion efficiency of 0.33% and a fill factor of 83% under 1 sun (AM1.5G) on single wires with a quantum well-based active region. Photocurrent spectroscopy demonstrates that the response ascribed to the absorption of InGaN/GaN quantum wells appears at wavelengths shorter than 440 nm.