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Electric Field-Induced Giant Strain and Photoluminescence-Enhancement Effect in Rare-Earth Modified Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics

Yao, Qirong, Wang, Feifei, Xu, Feng, Leung, Chung Ming, Wang, Tao, Tang, Yanxue, Ye, Xiang, Xie, Yiqun, Sun, Dazhi, Shi, Wangzhou
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015 v.7 no.9 pp. 5066-5075
ceramics, electric field, photoluminescence, physical phases
In this work, an electric field-induced giant strain response and excellent photoluminescence-enhancement effect was obtained in a rare-earth ion modified lead-free piezoelectric system. Pr³⁺-modified 0.93(Bi₀.₅Na₀.₅)TiO₃-0.07BaTiO₃ ceramics were designed and fabricated by a conventional fabrication process. The ferroelectric, dielectric, piezoelectric, and photoluminescence performances were systematically studied, and a schematic phase diagram was constructed. It was found the Pr³⁺ substitution induced a transition from ferroelectric a long-range order structure to a relaxor pseudocubic phase with short-range coherence structure. Around a critical composition of 0.8 mol % Pr³⁺, a giant reversible strain of ∼0.43% with a normalized strain Sₘₐₓ/Eₘₐₓ of up to 770 pm/V was obtained at ∼5 kV/mm. Furthermore, the in situ electric field enhanced the photoluminescence intensity by ∼40% in the proposed system. These findings have great potential for actuator and multifunctional device applications, which may also open up a range of new applications.