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Highly Active and Redox-Stable Ce-Doped LaSrCrFeO-Based Cathode Catalyst for CO2 SOECs

Zhang, Ya-Qian, Li, Jian-Hui, Sun, Yi-Fei, Hua, Bin, Luo, Jing-Li
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016 v.8 no.10 pp. 6457-6463
adsorption, carbon dioxide, catalysts, catalytic activity, cathodes, electrochemistry, electrolysis, ions, lanthanum, oxidative stability, oxygen, temperature
Lanthanum chromate-based perovskite oxides have attracted great attention as the cathode materials in the high-temperature CO₂ electrolysis because of its good redox stability. However, the unsatisfied electrochemical catalytic activity and insufficient adsorption of CO₂ at operating temperature still hindered the further improvement of electrochemical performance and the Faraday efficiency of the electrolysis cell. In this work, the catalytic and redox active Ce was doped into A site of La₀.₇Sr₀.₃Cr₀.₅Fe₀.₅O₃₋δ (LSCrF) to promote the catalytic performance, and to introduce oxygen vacancies in the lattice in situ after reduction under the operational condition. The increased amount of oxygen vacancies not only facilitates the mobility of oxygen ions, but also provides favorable accommodation for chemical adsorption of CO₂. The CO₂ electrolysis tests demonstrated the superior electrochemical performances, higher Faraday efficiencies of the Ce-doped LSCrF cathode catalyst in comparison with that without Ce doping, indicating the perspective application of this functional material.